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The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist strives to live by the message of Christ, in which there are no outcasts and all are welcome. We are a sacramental and worship-oriented church that promotes careful consideration about what God is calling us to do and be, as followers of Christ. Listed below are some of our ministries and their leaders. Our ministries are always in need of wonderful individuals, such as yourself, to give service. We need your help!

The best way to learn about the Episcopal Church is to become a part of it.

Come and Grow With Us!


Eucharistic Ministers & Eucharistic Visitors

The Eucharistic Ministers serve at the Altar and assist the priest at communion services. They also assist the priest in the distribution of the wine at the communion service. Eucharistic Visitors assist in taking the consecrated elements to the sick and shut-in.

To become a Eucharistic Minister you have to be licensed by the Bishop on the recommendation of the Rector.

Leader: Mrs. Cynthia Hammonds


Lectors have a critical role in the celebration of the Mass. They read the word of God at Mass and other services. They share with the priest, the task of making the word of God come alive for our parishioners.

Leader: Mrs. Sylvia Warren


An acolyte (“one who helps”), is a layperson who assists clergy during services of the Holy Eucharist by performing various duties. It is a ministry for laypersons and a privileged opportunity to assist the Celebrant in the worship of God, always with emphasis on humble service.

Leader: Mr. Roger Johnson

Sunday School / Youth

Sunday School for children is provided on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays of the month. At this time, the lectionary-based “Living the Good News” curriculum is being used. We are always open to welcoming new volunteers to serve as teachers and assistants.

The fourth Sunday of every month is designated as “Youth Sunday.” On this Sunday, in addition to serving as acolytes, the youth serve as lectors, intercessors and ushers. We are hoping to expand the roles of the youth in this service in the near future.

Leader: Dr. Karen Adderly Clark

The Order of the Daughters of the King

The Daughters of the King is an order of women committed to a lifelong rule of prayer and service. Membership is open to all women of the Episcopal Church 18 years and older. There is also a Junior Chapter that is open to young girls who have been baptized. St. John’s Chapter was established in July of 1999.

The Daughters are committed to prayer. Our chapter meets weekly on Wednesday to pray for many concerns. They also assist the priest in his service to the life of the church.

President: Ms. Krisita Jackson

Episcopal Church Women

The membership of the Episcopal Church Women is comprised of every woman in the parish age 18 and older. This very active group of women attends to matters pertaining to the well-being of women in the church. The ECW participates in programs and projects that affect the life of the church on a consistent basis.

President: Dr. Karen Adderly Clark


The Ushers provide hospitality and care for members in the sanctuary. They ensure that visitors are made comfortable and feel welcome as they enter the church. They work closely with the Stewardship/Membership Committee in devising ways in which visitors to the church can be comfortably accommodated.

Leader: Mr. Roopchand Chandoo

St. Anne’s Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is committed to working on and around the altar preparing for each communion service held in the church. The members are charged with the care and maintenance of linens, vessels, and all other items used for Holy Communion.

Directress: Mrs. Sylvia Warren

Men’s Fellowship Group

All men of the parish are encouraged to participate in this fellowship. The Men’s Club undertakes various projects to maintain and enhance the church building and grounds. They actively participate and support the social and serving functions in the life of the church.

President: Mr. Christopher Jones


Social Concerns/Food Pantry

One of the most important tasks of the Church is to tell others by word and action, of the saving love of Christ. This group is committed to doing this through its primary project, The Food Pantry. Contributions from the congregation and friends are the primary source of support for The Food Pantry, which helps many people every week.

Membership is open to all members of the church who wish to give their talents in serving the community in evangelism.

Leader: Mrs. Sylvia McElroy

Building and Grounds

This group ensures that the church grounds and building are kept in excellent condition at all times. It is chaired by the Junior Warden. If you are interested in maintenance of the physical plant and grounds you should consider membership in this committee.

Leader: Ms. Eve Hall

Worship and Liturgy Committee

This group works with the Rector in planning and insuring the integrity of all matters pertaining to the worship experience at St. John’s. Membership is open to all members who have a desire to contribute to improving worship in the church.

Leader: Mrs. Sylvia Warren

Stewardship Committee

We are called to be stewards of the bounties of God. The stewardship team coordinates the stewardship campaign in September of each year. They combine all commitments for offering of tithes and pledges in preparation for the development of the annual budget. Stewardship is not just about treasure; therefore the committee works throughout the year to help members identify and develop ways in which their talents and gifts can be further used to the glory of God.

Leader: Mr. Lee McElroy

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works to welcome guests and encouraging prospective members to decide to join our congregation. The Committee assists the priest with Confirmation classes and rites as well as helping to complete the transfer process for members moving from another Parish. They work with the church office, to maintain an accurate membership database, and the Communication Committee to improve communication among members.

Leader: Dr. Lorraine Harris

Finance Committee

This group works closely under the chairmanship of the Treasurer to see that the finances of the church are carefully accounted for. They manage the budget planning process each year. They account for all offerings contributed each Sunday and make bank deposits. Counters work under the control of the committee, but do not have to be members of the committee.

If you have expertise in finance you may want to become a part of this group.

Leader: Mr. Douglas Ash

All Saints Memorial Education Fund

This fund was created to provide assistance to members of St. John’s who have graduated from high school and college or university, with grants. It is funded by gifts of members in recognition of loved ones who have died.

Leader: Dr. Karen Adderly Clark

Resurrection Memorial Garden

The Resurrection Memorial Garden was established: to provide a consecrated place of rest for those whose cremains are interred there; to provide a quiet and pleasing place for loved ones to visit; and to remind all of us of the ultimate powerlessness of death, and the promise of our resurrection to eternal life through our faith in Christ.

The Garden is under the direction of and is maintained by the Resurrection Garden Committee. They have the responsibility of maintaining all necessary records. The Chair of the Committee is appointed by the Rector and is accountable to the Vestry.

Chairperson: Ms. Krisita Jackson